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2017 Wyoming Valley Art League Fall Juried Exhibit Winners

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2017 Wyoming Valley Art League’s Fall Juried Winners Best in Show Alice Rae Kutish – “Forest Floor” MIXED MEDIA 1st Place – Alice Rae Kutish, “Forest Floor” 2nd Place – Marie T. Perks, “Mums” 3rd Place – Rose M. Wright, “Andre’s Secret # 1” Honorable Mention – Marie T. Perks, “Fragments” SCULPTURE 1st Place – Ed “Sonny” Jones, “Cherry & Black Walnut Staved Vessel” 2nd Place – Robert Bergstrasser, “Wave, Female & Moon Form” 3rd Place – David Green, “ARCH” Honorable Mention – Patricia McMahon Lacy, “Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future” PHOTOGRAPHY 1st Place – Allison Maslow, “Light of Land & Sea” 2nd Place – Michael Blaum, “When Two Sides Meet” 3rd Place – Gary Brandt, “Chain of ORBS” Honorable Mention – Chris Kocan, “Growing Up” 2017 Wyoming Valley Art League’s Fall Juried Winners DRAWING 1st Place – Robert Bergstrasser, “Patricia at Connexions” 2nd Place – Tobi B. Grossman, “Natures Beauty at Hillside Farms” 3rd Place – Shirley Trievel, “Discourse” Honorable Mention – Beverly Jean Johnston, “Garden Fairy Princess” PAINTING 1ST Place – Kevin Yozviak, “Susquehannah” 2nd Place – Helen Evanchik, “Spring Birches” 3rd Place – Frank Wengen, “Fall Vibe” Honorable Mention – Robert R. Husty, “The Son and The Heir” Best in Show Alice Rae Kutish – “Forest Floor” MIXED MEDIA 1st Place – Alice Rae Kutish, “Forest Floor” 2nd Place – Marie T. Perks, “Mums” 3rd Place – Rose M. Wright, “Andre’s Secret # 1” Honorable Mention – Marie T. Perks, “Fragments” SCULPTURE 1st Place – Ed “Sonny” Jones, “Cherry & Black Walnut Staved Vessel” 2nd Place – Robert Bergstrasser, “Wave, Female & Moon Form” 3rd Place – David Green, “ARCH” Honorable Mention – Patricia McMahon Lacy, “Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future” PHOTOGRAPHY 1st Place – Allison Maslow, “Light of Land & Sea” 2nd Place – Michael Blaum, “When Two Sides Meet” 3rd Place – Gary Brandt, “Chain of ORBS” Honorable Mention – Chris Kocan, “Growing Up” 2017 Wyoming Valley Art League’s Fall Juried Winners DRAWING 1st Place – Robert Bergstrasser, “Patricia at Connexions” 2nd Place – Tobi B. Grossman, “Natures Beauty at Hillside Farms” 3rd Place – Shirley Trievel, “Discourse” Honorable Mention...

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Day of the Dead

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Art Organization Partners with Church for “Day of the Dead” Art Event WILKES-BARRE, PA, July 10, 2016 — The Wyoming Valley Art League and Langcliffe Presbyterian Church will present a two-day art exhibit called “Day of the Dead: A Celebration of Life and Cultures” that will take place on November 1 and 2, 2016.  This all-inclusive, non-denominational event will include an art exhibition, guest speakers, TEDtalk video screening, poetry readings and traditional ofrendas (or altars) created by the community. The two-day event will take place at the Wyoming Valley Art League, located at 130 South Franklin Street in Wilkes-Barre on Tuesday, November 1, 2016, and Wednesday, November 2, 2016 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. This event is free and open to the public. For more information about this event and submission guidelines,  find this event on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/misselaineousartworksdod2016/ or  ...

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  On October 21st the Wyoming Valley Art League will host its annual Members Fall Juried Exhibition and opening reception from 5-8pm. The awards ceremony will be presented at 6pm in the members’ gallery. The exhibit will be on display until December 2, 2016. The WVAL is accepting submissions in 5 categories: Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Photography & Sculpture/ 3-Dimensional. Prizes will be awarded in all categories and Best in Show. MEMBERS of the WVAL can submit up to 5 pieces. There is a $5 entry fee per piece. Payment due at drop-off, checks are preferred) If you are not a current member and wish to join the exhibition you may obtain a membership form by going to our website – www.wyomingvalleyartleague.org or mailing in your payment. All contact information is at the bottom of this email. All selected work must be ready to hang and will be on exhibit for the entire length of the show (Through November). Artists submitting artwork must be aware that submission does not guarantee the work will be selected or shown; the juror(s) reserve the right to reject work for the show. As with all WVAL shows, submitted pieces must adhere to professional gallery standards: All work must be the artist’s original work – No copyrighted work allowed. If you are unsure what this means please contact us. All submitted work must be ready to hang with proper wiring, clean glass and proper framing. Any frayed edges should be taken care of before submission. Canvases must be gallery wrapped and have secure stretchers. Frames must be secure with no splitting corners. No saw tooth hangers, string of any kind or fishing wire for hanging. Wire must be secure standard gallery wire only. Large sculptures must be displayed on pedestals (if more than one) supplied by the artist. At time of submission the artist’s name, address and e-mail (if any), the title of the work, medium (or materials used), size and price (or NFS) must be supplied. We ask that you Pre-Register your works by emailing the following information to WVAL.info@gmail.com (Between September 27th – October 10th) Pre-Registering will help ease the flow of...

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’16 Spring Juried Exhibit Winners Announced!

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WVAL Member’s Spring Juried Exhibit – APRIL 15, 2016 BEST IN SHOW Kristen Badeau-Hauptman “Empress of the Winter Solstice” OIL _______________ Painting 1st Place – Painting Robert Husty “Dialogue with Spring” Acrylic 2nd Place – Painting Hushang Tatar “Far To Go” Acrylic 3rd Place – Painting Jason Kresock “Belle # 1” Acrylic Honorable Mention – Painting Maria Montoro Edwards “Marsh at Long Beach Island” Pastel Honorable Mention – Painting Danielle Patterson “Bike” Oil on Board ******************** Drawing 1st Place – Drawing Gary Brandt “On the Swing” Pencil 2nd Place – Drawing Helen Evanchik “Word Play” Ballpoint with Colored Pencil 3rd Place – Drawing John Lund “The Family Jewel” Charcoal Honorable Mention – Drawing Javon Scrutchins “Enjoying Life” Colored Pencil ******************* Watercolor 1st Place – Watercolor Keith Hunter “Prickly Pear” 2nd Place – Watercolor Patricia McMahon Lacy “Carolina Wren Nesting” 3rd Place – Watercolor John Clark “Dream On” Honorable Mention – Watercolor Diane Grant Czajkowski “Barn Cat” ****************** Photography 1st Place – Photography Allison Maslow “Green Stairway” 2nd Place – Photography Krista Connolly “Eloquence” 3rd Place – Photography Katie Larsen-Lick “Wired” Honorable Mention – Photography James McGuire “Hi-Ho” ************************* Mixed Media 1st Place – Mixed Media Marie Perks “Moon Rise” Batik Collage 2nd Place – Mixed Media Rose M. Wright “Zorya Bound” Fiber Art 3rd Place – Mixed Media Ed “Sonny Jones “Big Maple Leaf w/ Acacia Lid Wood Honorable Mention – Mixed Media John Clark “Squall” Mixed...

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JANUARY Sunday at the Circle – The Poetry Reading

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The One-Shot Theatre presents A Poetry Reading/THE POETRY READING  Wait—what’s going on?! Which is which? What’s the difference? THE POETRY READING is a one-act play by WVAL member Robert Andrew Anderson, playwright, novelist, and performer. “THE POETRY READING shows what happens when high culture collides with bowling-league culture,” Anderson explains. The result? “The Bowling League knocks the stuffing—the stuffiness, that is—out of the Poetry League.” In other words, it’s a raucous, ridiculous, absurdist, zany—you choose—comic event. THE POETRY READING features two high-profile performers—Broadway veteran Ron Kross and WVIA luminary Erika Funke—who combine their considerable talents to produce a lots-‘a’-laughs-filled show, along with other actors from the Hams & Cheeez Acting Troupe. As a warm-up to this “main event” there will be “A Poetry Reading”—yes, the real thing…well, maybe. Members of the community will recite short poems of their own making—whether they be “poets” or not. Who knows? One might be your neighbor. One might even be you! (Bring a poem and join the show.) A sampling of readers (chosen at random; check WVAL’s website for more names): Victoria “Vicky” Brown, artist, dancer, writer; member of Verve Vertu Gwen Harleman, artist, director of Verve Vertu Bob “l’Heim” Heim, cartoonist, author “Professor” Joel Koos, artist, hockey player Allison “A-Maz” Maslow, artist, WVAL member Jim McGuire, photographer, WVAL member Jacob “Oddball” Mertz, entrepreneur Shivaun O’Donnell, actress, nurse, WVAL member Tiffany “Tiffo” Pepe, jazz saxophonist, artist, Wyoming Valley West Middle School student Lindsay Rysz, poet, coordinator and founder of the Adult Asperger’s Support Group Jason “Louis XIV” Smeltzer, thereminist, writer Wayne “Keyed-up” Smith, jazz pianist, WVAL member Edward “Eddie Bear” Zebrowski, artist, member of Verve Vertu When: Sunday, Jan. 24, 2015 at 4pm. Where: Wyoming Valley Art League,130 S. Franklin St. (rear), Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701 Contact: Margie Bryant, WVAL president: 570-760-9083; margaretlbryant@gmail.com                Robert Anderson, 570-974-5953; librogumbolimbo@earthlink.net Website: www.wyomingvalleyartleague.org ~ Free admission—donations appreciated. Beverages and snacks will be provided. All age groups will enjoy this event!...

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2015 WVAL Member’s Fall Juried Show Winners!

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Left to right: David Green, Gerry Stankiewicz, Malcom E. Hudgeon, Krista Connolly, Katie Larsen Lick, Robert Bergstrasser, Keith Hunter, John Lund, John Clark, Rose M. Wright, Keith Perks. WYOMING VALLEY ART LEAGUE’S MEMBER’S FALL JURIED EXHIBIT OCTOBER 23, 2015   Best in Show: “Sunburst”, Watercolor by Keith Hunter 1st Place Painting: “Frenetic” Keith Hunter 2nd Place Painting: “Moody Day” Earl Lehman 3rd Place Painting: “La Danse” John Clark Honorable Mention Painting: “Blacklit Breaker” Keith Hunter   1st Place Drawing: “Riding the Heavens” Diane Grant Czajkowski 2nd Place Drawing: “Wilderness Rhapsody” John Lund 3rd Place Drawing: “Sultry Attraction” John Lund Honorable Mention Drawing: “Krystina Sitting” Gerry Stankiewicz   1st Place Sculpture: “Joyous” David Green 2nd Place Sculpture: “Lady Deceit” Robert Bergstrasser 3nd Place Sculpture: “Christina” David Green Honorable Mention Sculpture: “Broken Trust” Robert Bergstrasser   1st Place Photography: “The Colors of Glass” – Katie Larsen Lick 2nd Place Photography: “September Sun” – Krista Connolly 3rd Place Photography: “Rasta Mon Vibration” – M.E. Hudgeon Honorable Mention Photography: “Bella” – Keith Perks   1st Place Mixed Media:- “Gourd Pot” John Clark 2nd Place Mixed Media: “Seeding” John Clark 3rd Place Mixed Media: “Trust (Rattle)” Ellen Jamiolkowski Honorable Mention Mixed Media: “Russet (Blue) Thoughts” Rose M....

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Wine & Cheese Fundraiser

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Purchase your tickets now!! Oct 23, 2015 from 6-8PM will be our 3rd Annual Wine & Cheese fundraiser!  We will have music by local artists, great Hors d’oeuveres, desserts and specially selected wines! Please support this event so we can continue to bring all our great programing to the Valley!! Thank...

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WVAL Member’s Fall Juried Exhibit

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10/16/15 will be the opening reception for this years Fall Juried Show.  This is our 3rd Friday event, Awards will be given at 6:30 PM, open hours 5 -8 PM We will also have gallery hours each Tuesday from 10:30 -5:30pm or by appointment by emailing us at wyomingvalleyartleague@gmail.com or calling us at 570-288-1020. Congratulations to all of our members who have works juried into this...

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Save the Dates!!

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09/18/15 **3rd Friday, 5-8pm. 2 New Abstract Exhibits!! Works from the Maslow Collection “An Exploration in Mark Making”, in the Sandra Dsyzewshi Maffei Gallery & The Members Gallery: An Exhibition of Abstract Works by the WVAL Members! 09/20/15 Life Drawing Returns! 1-4pm 09/27/15 Sunday at the Circle, 4 PM Featuring Kathy Wang 09/30/15 Paint & Vino Fundraiser at Huntsville Golf Club. 6-8:30pm $75.00 10/7/15 Wednesday Film & Lecture Series – 6:30pm Featuring Robert Schweitzer – Curator, The Maslow Collection at Marywood University . 10/16/15 WVAL Member’s Juried Exhibit & the continuation of the Maslow Collection Exhibit. 10/18/15 Life Drawing 1-3:30pm 10/23/15 Wine & Cheese Fundraiser!! Only $30 per ticket. Live music and wonderful refreshments! 10/25/15 Sunday at the Circle,...

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Drawing Clinic with Terese Rogers | Ages 18+ | Limited Attendance | 8 Sessions Sept. 2 – Oct 21 | 6pm to 9pm

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She is a graduate of the Ani Waichulis Art Academy and the class will be based on the Language of Drawing Program developed by Anthony Waichulis. It is suitable for beginning and advanced artists that wish to improve their drawing skills. The class will focus on the four basic shapes; sphere, cylinder, cone and cube. Clinic will emphasize fundamental drawing exercises improving your artistic abilities. Clinic is beneficial for both beginner and advanced students. Desire is all that is required! For more information on her work – www. tereserogers.com Ages 18 + limited to 8 students. Members $160 Non-Members $200 – 8 weeks Supply list will be provided. Reserve space in the class at: wyomingvalleyartleague@gmail.com or by calling: 570.288.2010 or mail payment to: Wyoming Valley Art League 130 S. Franklin St.  Wilkes-Barre, PA...

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The Cat, The Sun, and The Mirror – a dramatic reading for all ages. Sunday, July 26 | 4pm

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  Way, way back in time—before humans existed—there were gods and goddesses, according to Japanese mythology, and, according to the most important Japanese myth, Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, from whom the Japanese imperial family claims descent, became so angry with her manic brother, the Storm God, that she went into hiding. How she eventually returned to shine her light again on the world makes for a very interesting story, one that fascinated me the very first time I read it, way, way back in my time. Eventually I had an idea: to write my own story about the Sun disappearing—but a story that takes place right here, right now: to marry this ancient Japanese myth with an American one. But do we have myths? Of course: the myth of the private eye (a personal favorite): the loner on a quest for the truth—to solve the mystery—but whose quest invariably leads him (or her) to discover a truth about himself (or herself). And so I wrote The Cat, the Sun, and the Mirror about Cool Cat and his search for the missing Lady Sun. But why a cat? Why not a cat? I needed a loner, and, as Bucky Katt says in the comic strip “Get Fuzzy”: “We cats work alone.” My thanks to all those volunteers—both seen and unseen—who have made this performance possible. Have fun! — RAA   (Robert A....

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Classes, Classes, Classes!

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Online Journaling (Blogging) w/Rich Howells   Life Drawing w/Robert Bergstrasser (3rd Sundays, beginning again in September)   Clay Beads w/Ellen Jamiolkowski   Drawing from Life  w/Robert Bergstrasser and Helen LaVelle   Silk Paper Batik w/Hushang Tatar   Soldering for Jewelry & Home Use w/Hushang Tatar   Clay Pots by Hand Building – For Kids (and adults) w/Frank Mariano   Printing & Paper Making  w/Joel Koos   Landscape and Collage w/Earl Lehman   ANYONE INTERESTED IN RESERVING SPACE AHEAD OF TIME – OR INTERESTED IN TEACHING A SKILL OR CLASS… Email:...

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Artist Social Every Tuesday! 11am – 4pm

Artist Social Every Tuesday!  11am – 4pm

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Bring your favorite media and join a group of like-minded artists, spending time working on their projects in an enjoyable and inspirational atmosphere! Share tips, news and each other’s company. Each Tuesday from 11am until 4pm. Come and go as you please. Must be an Art League member to participate – Not a Member? That’s ok, you can sign up when you get here!  ...

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