Instructor: Joel Koos

Member Price: 8

Non-member Price: 10

Date(s): Sunday April 26 & Sunday May 3



A Workshop by Joel Koos About Learning the Medium of Collagraph

This is a Two-session course to explore the progressive technique of the Collagraph printmaking process. Collagraphy is a printmaking process in which materials are applied to a rigid substrate (such as cardboard or wood). The word is derived from the Greek word koll or kollo, meaning glue and graph, meaning the activity of drawing. Initially Students will be taught the process of making their own paper and the art of designing and constructing a collagraph plate. The students will create their plate from scratch using found materials that are glued onto a piece of mat-board. In the following class the student will develop a composition using the collagraph technique. The student will also be introduced to the various methods used to ink and print the collagraph plate. After the prints are completed the student will be shown how to effectively clean and store their plate for future use. Printing from Pieces is a workshop that allows students to work in an innovative print process where they can achieve an image that resembles intaglio etching without the dangers of acids and harsh chemicals. Leaving the class with editions of prints for their portfolio and a plate that can be re-inked and used in future artistic endeavors. Supplies List • Apron • Gloves (Latex or Plastic) • Paint Brushes (Various Sizes) • Texture Objects (Open Weave Fabrics, Leaves, Etc.) • Old Newspapers